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* Find the Right Roof for you ~ Below are Tar Options ~

Hot Tar & Gravel Roof

Hot Tar & Gravel      (Built up roofing)

Tar & Gravel        * Low Maintenance

~ Every Roof is Custom Built ~

Mother Nature at its best !

DO NOT be fooled by inferior roofing products. The average life expectancy for a properly installed tar and gravel roof is over 25 years, we have installed thousands of tar & Gravel roofs with just as many satisfied customers. It is a multi ply roof system in which it's installation is somewhat like baking a croissant.

The tar is safely heated in a Hot Tar Pot to a pourable 450 degrees, after preparing your deck whether it be wood, concrete or metal, if specified, insulation is installed. (recommended for R-Value and / or taper systems)

A Vapor Barrier Base sheet and layers of perforated felt are mopped with the hot asphalt to the prepared deck to create built up plies. Depending on the specs, there are 3, 4 & 5 ply Tar & Gravel roof systems available.

On top of the plies of tar and felt a final flood coat of Hot Asphalt is applied as washed pea gravel or washed Colored natural stone is fanned into the hot tar. Then a final layer of gravel is spread atop the embedded rock which creates the ultimate UV protection.

The top layer of rock is designed to take the elements of nature, hard driving rain, sleet, hail, snow and ice are no threat to the rock as it moves around on-top of the embedded rock, protecting the asphalt from the elements of freeze and thaw as well as contraction and expansion and the weight of the water and snow.

Base and Wall flashings are mopped with cap sheet and properly terminated. All Metal, soldered pipe flashings, Custom Gravel Stop eve metals, thick Gauge counter and wall flashings are custom made and installed at walls, curbs and chimneys. 

We are keeping our Custom detail secrets off line, but will be in your estimate specifications and on your roof!



Hot Tar ~ Smooth Surface (Built Up - No Gravel)

Good for Structures with weight restriction, Painted UV Protected 

Available in 3, 4 & 5 ply. basically the same as the Tar & Gravel Roof detail listed above, except the final Flood coat is allowed to dry and harden then a Roof Coating is applied to protect the built up Tar roof from the elements.

There are different types of Roof Coating available on the market to meet your needs, such as Fibered and Non Fibered Highly reflective Aluminum Roof Coating.

Hot Tar with a Cap Sheet (Built Up -No Gravel)

Great Hot Tar Roof with Colored Flexible Cap Sheet for protection

Available in 3, 4 & 5 ply, basically the same as the Tar &  Gravel Roof Details listed above, except on top of the final Flood coat of hot tar, a Hot Mopped cap sheet is installed.

Cap sheet come in many grades, colors and patterns to meet your needs.

Hot Tar Roofing Waterproofing

Hot Rubberized Tar (Built Up - Your Way)

Green Roof with Grass or landscape on Hot Tar

Rubberized Hot Asphalt is used in multi Layer green roofing and water proofing. There are many ways to build your custom roof with Hot tar and Rubberized tar, even planting grass and flower beds on top of the finished roof.

Walking decks, Patio roofs, water proofing deck under a wood deck with or without living space or entry below are just a few other  uses for Hot Tar!